Unique Baton Rouge Tours

Unique Baton Rouge ToursBaton Rouge is one of those rare places that seem to encapsulate a little bit of everything. From rustic, historic structures to calming, natural scenes to bright lights and glitzy entertainment, it's all here in this bustling Louisiana city. But given the town's fast pace, you may miss a few of the stories that go along with some of it's more famous attractions. These specialized tours give you a chance to uncover the stories that lie under the surface so that you can walk away with a deeper appreciation for the beauty that inhabits Baton Rouge.

Lagniappe Tours
Lagniappe Tours has built a tradition of giving you a little something extra when you take one of their tours of Baton Rouge. This is the sightseeing arm of the Foundation for Historical Louisiana, so they know a thing or two about the area's most significant sites. Their long association and familiarity with these points of history means that your guide will be highly knowledgeable about what you are seeing and will give you in-depth descriptions as you experience one of their tours. Their tour programs include the Heritage Tour, the Capitol City Tour, and Louisiana's Governor's Mansions.

Address: 502 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70802 - MAP
Phone: (225) 387-2462
Web: www.fhl.org

Old Governor's Mansion
A tour of the Old Governor's Mansion will not only give you the chance to see some fascinating artifacts inside this well-worn structure, but you will also get a sense of the drama and political battles that raged during the Civil War and how this structure played such a pivotal part in that era of the country's past. Dubbed as "Louisiana's White House" by then-Governor Huey P. Long, this structure still stands even though a newer home for the state's leader was built to modernize the living quarters for the state's first family. Still, the Old Governor's Mansion functions as a significant piece of the past which has landed it on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. It also currently houses the Foundation for Historical Louisiana. Tours are held daily except on state and national holidays.

Address: 502 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA - MAP
Phone: (225) 387-2464
Web: www.oldgovernorsmansion.org

Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center
The Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center offers daily tours that give you a chance to see some foliage and creatures that you wouldn't imagine you live that close to! On this tour, you'll see alligators and turtles as well as an amazing display of creepy, crawly bugs and other life forms that are indigenous to swamp areas. These tours are a fun and inexpensive way to see some of the area's natural beauty in an informal, relaxed presentation.

Address: 10503 North Oak Hills Parkway, Baton Rouge, LA - MAP
Phone: (225) 757-8905
Web: www.brec.org

Louisiana's Old State Capitol
Louisiana's Old State Capitol has a long and winding history that is nothing short of dramatic. The fortress-like structure stood strong and impressive until it was gutted by fire in the Civil War. After recovering and returning to its original purpose, the building fell into disrepair in the early 1930s following the installation of a newer, less-storied building as the state's capitol. A concerned group of citizens worked hard to rebuild it and the old capitol now houses a wide variety of interactive exhibits that tell the state's sometimes controversial but never uninteresting story. The Old State Capitol is a must-see attraction for history buffs visiting Baton Rouge.

Address: 100 N Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70801 - MAP
Phone: (225) 342-0500
Web: www.louisianaoldstatecapitol.org

Louisiana State Museum
The Louisiana State Museum is just as good at preserving the area's culture as it is celebrating it. See various thematic exhibits on the diverse aspects of Louisiana's colorful history, industry and culture. See artifacts from the original Louisiana Purchase, a Civil War Submarine and an amazing 48-foot wooden shrimp crawler. See a captivating exhibit on the history and traditions of Mardi Gras as well as the various cultural influences that made the food here so spicy!

Address: 751 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - MAP
Phone: (504) 568-6968
Web: www.louisianastatemuseum.org

Parlange Plantation Tour
Intrigue intertwines with history on the Parlange Plantation Tour. This large house dates all the way back to 1754 when it was owned by the Marquis Vincent de Ternant. His wife died during childbirth at the home and it is believed that her ghost haunts this structure, which is still owned by deTernant's descendents to this day. Eerie, detailed stories and further information is provided by the well-practiced guides on a tour that's as chilling as it is entertaining.

Address: False River, New Roads, Louisiana near Baton Rouge - MAP
Phone: (225) 638-8410
Web: www.prairieghosts.com