Hidden Treasures in Baton Rouge

Hidden Treasures in Baton RougeLiving life and career on the fast track is something that more and more people do every day. But sometimes, finding a little detour from the regular scheme of things to find something unique and refreshing is very much like finding a hidden treasure. Whether looking for a gift for someone special or just looking to see what you can find for yourself, these stops along your fast track are worth visiting for all the personalized service.

Massage Emporium
You will not only marvel at the incredible facility that is the Massage Emporium, you'll also be amazed at all the different types of massages you can choose from. There's Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology and sports massages all available and ready to be given to you by a certified professional. You can also enjoy a chair massage, which you can work into your schedule during your lunch hour. That chair massage is a white-collar favorite, and is available in 15 minute increments for $20. So no matter what your schedule, there's no time or excuse to be stressed.

Address: 240 Laurel Street, Suite 101, Baton Rouge, LA 70801 - MAP
Phone: (225) 387-0060
Web: www.massageemporium.net

Cottonwood Books
It seems that finding and reading a real book these days is getting to be more and more difficult. If you prefer to turn actual pages made out of paper in bound book instead of reading it on a computer, then you need to visit Cottonwood Books. Not only do they specialize in real books, they specialize in really rare ones! If you are searching for that one missing Nancy Drew volume to complete your collection and are in search of that elusive first edition, Cottonwood is your tome haven. They also do special orders and have a friendly, helpful staff.

Address: 3054 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 - MAP
Phone: (225) 343-1266
Web: www.cottonwoodbooksbatonrouge.com

Little Wars
Are you a history buff and a collector? Hidden treasures await you at Little Wars, a unique store that specializes in science fiction and fantasy items. Also, you'll find lots of military and Civil War memorabilia that will be a must for your collection. Miniatures, books, and lots of other one-of-a-kind items are all waiting for you to discover at Little Wars.

Address: 7517 Jefferson Highway, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 - MAP
Phone: (225) 924-6304
Web: www.littlewars.com

Marcello's Wine Market
In the mood for a great bottle of wine and want some expert help choosing it? Look no further than Marcello's Wine Market. They have a wide variety of wine, beer and spirits. And they boast a wine cellar that is stocked with the finest types of wine from France, Germany, Italy and Greece. Simply put, this is the place to find a superb wine at an outstanding price.

Address: 4201 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 - MAP
Phone: (225) 344-1414
Web: www.marcelloswine.com