Arts, Music & Entertainment in Baton Rouge

Arts, Music & Entertainment in Baton RougeAside from the tantalizing food and exciting casinos, Baton Rouge has a vibrant and ever-evolving scene when it comes to art, music and entertainment. From the mainstream to the left-of-center, the scene offers a number of possibilities. Whether you prefer a brightly lit exhibit hall or a hole-in-the-wall club, there's something to suit your every mood. From great, unsigned bands and classically trained ballet performances, to the funniest up-and-coming stand-up comics, you'll find all that and more as you venture out to explore the arts, music and entertainment scene in Baton Rouge.

The Varsity Theatre
The Varsity Theatre is a familiar place for several well-known performers. As a matter of fact, a total of 55 Grammy winners have graced its stage since 1991. The Varsity strives to constantly deliver the best in live music entertainment for Baton Rouge. Genre doesn't matter, as some of the biggest names in country and pop music have lit up the entertainment venue's marquee. But that's not to say that you won't hear some of the scene's best up-and-coming acts; you can tell all of your friends that you heard them at the Varsity before they were famous.

Address: 3353 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70802 - MAP
Phone: (225) 383-7018

The Independence Park Theatre
The Independence Park Theatre strives for the freedom of self expression, and judging from the very packed list of events, they seem to be reaching that goal quite often. Concerts, plays, musicals, dance recitals, pageants, lectures, graduations, seminars, workshops and conferences have all taken place at this all-purpose entertainment venue since it opened its doors in 2001. Also, within its walls is where the Louisiana Art and Artists' Guild makes its home, and there, the tradition of self expression continues as you will find several exhibits throughout the year.

Address: 7800 Independence Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806 - MAP
Phone: (225) 216-0660

The Reilly Theatre
The Reilly Theatre is one of the newest venues on Baton Rouge's ever-growing entertainment and cultural scene. Fitted with state-of-the-art lighting and an incredible sound system that's complemented by some impressive acoustics, you'll enjoy the many varieties of stage productions all the more thanks to the technically stunning aspects of the building. What's on the stage is equally impressive, as everything from Shakespeare to Neil Simon plays are staged, as well as classical recitals and ballet programs. The variety of performances presented are all part of the Reilly Theatre's ever-deepening tradition of excellence.

Address: Reilly Theater Tower Dr, Baton Rouge, LA - MAP
Phone: (225) 578-3527

Claude L. Shaver Theatre and Dramatic Arts Building
If discovering talent before everybody else does is your thing, then you should make a habit of regularly checking out what's happening at the Claude L. Shaver Theatre and Dramatic Arts Building. The majority of the actors, actresses and crew are LSU students, and they bring together their talents on several productions throughout the year. The comfortably intimate entertainment venue holds 445 people, so make sure you get your tickets early for the next scheduled performance.

Address: Dalrymple at Infirmary, Baton Rouge, LA 70894 - MAP
Phone: (225) 578-3527

Of Moving Colors Productions
For anyone who has lamented the fact that art and dance have been under fire because of school budget cuts, the presence of Of Moving Colors Productions must be a source of comfort and reassurance. The entity is committed to creating and presenting excellent performances and community-based dance experiences that inspire, educate and stimulate. They also incorporate poetry, music, literature and visual arts to complement their stage presentations. They dance at various community events as well as put on dance camps and other events that allow future dancers a chance to familiarize themselves with the history and origins of their chosen art.

Address: 448 North 11th St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802 - MAP
Phone: (225) 338-0804

Funny Bone Comedy Club
If the stressful week you've had is nothing to laugh at, then head to the Funny Bone Comedy Club for your share of chuckles. There's always a great stand up comedian set to take the stage, and there's also a great environment to enjoy a few drinks and relax before the featured act hits the stage. Also, the Funny Bone prides itself in finding some great up-and-coming performers, and they usually open the bill for the night's top entertainment. So get there early, get a seat and laugh away your stresses at the Funny Bone.

Address: 4715 Bennington Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808 - MAP
Phone: (225) 928-9996